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American Unified School of Technology has an open enrollment policy allows students to apply at any time during the calendar year.

All applicants must submit an enrollment application and take the preadmission questionnaire.

Submit your application as follows:

(1) CLICK HERE to download our official application form
(2) Print, Fill-up, sign and scan the application form
(3) Use the form on this page to upload your signed application
(4) Select [Pay Now] from the leftside menue to pay ($50.00) Registration Fee

You will receive a notice of the initial assessment within two business days. If you qualify for acceptance, we will need you to send copies of certain documents as listed in the notice.

Acceptance process for qualified candidates usually takes a single business day after receipt of documents.

* required fields

If your email does not support large valued files, you may gradually send your supporting documents, one or two file at a time.
(1) Fill up the form and Submit the first document
(2) Repeat the same with your name only and package note in the message panel.